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Dog grooming Rustington Littlehapton

I am a one to one dog groomer grooming out of a fully professional equipped

salon based at my house in Rustington.

Being home based provides a relaxing atmosphere for your dog, allowing


to enjoy their pamper.

A full groom consists of:

Nails clipped

Ears cleaned and plucked if necessary

Hygiene clip

Two baths 


Style - De-Shed, Clipped, or Handstripped

Perfume spritz

Before we commence with the groom, we always perform an overall health check. 

We are not medically trained, so we cannot diagnose, but if we notice something not right with your dog, we will inform you, either at the end of the groom, if we think its something that wont affect the dog being groomed, or as soon as we find it, if the groom cannot be commenced.



If your dog comes in for a groom, and we cannot run a comb easily through their coat and requires more than 15 minutes de-matting, we will be required under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 to clip your dog short. 



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